vehicle diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics

Helping you get to the bottom of your car's problems


If you have any warning lights illuminated, once your vehicle has started, the on board diagnostic system has detected a fault. This fault will be logged and saved in the vehicle's management system.
We specialise in diagnostic fault finding and use main dealer diagnostic equipment for diagnosing and repairing today's modern cars and vans.
MOT air bag warning light on, we can diagnose and fix the problem and re set the light
MOT ABS warning light on, we can diagnose and fix the problem and re set the light 
Diagnostic faults repaired and fixed. Car repairs & van repairs if your vehicle has starting problems, high fuel consumption, idle problems, high emissions or general running concerns, we can diagnose and repair the fault.
Offering a professional, reliable and affordable service.
Engine Diagnostics
  • Alfa Romeo Diagnostics
  • Audi Diagnostics
  • BMW Diagnostics
  • Chevrolet Diagnostics
  • Chrysler Diagnostics
  • Citroen Diagnostics
  • Dacia Diagnostics
  • Daewoo Diagnostics
  • Fiat Diagnostics
  • Ford Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics for the following vehicles

  • Honda Diagnostics
  • Hyundai Diagnostics
  • Jaguar Diagnostics
  • Kia Diagnostics
  • Land Rover Diagnostics
  • Lancia Diagnostics
  • Mazda Diagnostics
  • MCC Diagnostics
  • Mercedes Diagnostics
  • Mitsubishi Diagnostics
  • Nissan Diagnostics
  • Opel Diagnostics
  • Peugeot Diagnostics
  • Renault Diagnostics
  • Rover Diagnostics
  • Saab Diagnostics
  • Seat Diagnostics
  • Skoda Diagnostics
  • Subaru Diagnostics
  • Suzuki Diagnostics
  • Toyota Diagnostics
  • Vauxhall Diagnostics
  • Volvo Diagnostics
  • Volkswagen Diagnostics
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